Sunday, 28 November 2010

22 Yards of Hemming

 Just  been pinning and hemming fabric to make  a large tablecloth and 6 matching napkins for dining room  table once extended. It's material I've had for a while - bought for quilt backing but a bit on the heavy side for this purpose. Perfect for table linen tho' and although the print is of over-sized apples, the grey will look good with the walls and the honesty quilt which (eventually) will be hung in that room.  A quick job I thought as it's simple stitching but it's taken 2 1/2 hours. Then I calculated I'd pinned and stitched  792 inches - 22 yards ( some things I'm still not metrified for).
Although I wear varifocals most of time, separate reading glasses are useful for long stretches at the sewing machine as they give a larger area  in focus and don't have to keep tilting my head! I've just got a new pair despite only 18 months since last test as went to the optitions  with concerns over seeing flashes of light. I had a thorough examination including drops to dilate the pupils  and not having history of migraines,the light  flashes are most likely due to  retina receiving  non-visual (mechanical) stimulation, which can happen when it is being tugged due to  shrinkage of the vitreous humour. This is apparently  quite common with age ( and short sight) - according to NHS leaflet  in approximately half of all people, the vitreous humour has separated from the retina by the time they are 50. This doesn't usually cause any problems, and most people aren't even aware that it has happened. If it becomes persistent or I become aware of a shadow across vision that's the time to go to Moorfields A&E  as it might mean a tear in the retina but otherwise just have to put up with it.

As well as reading glasses I also got a new pair of varifocals - only they look just the same as my old ones as after a hour humming and haaing over frames , (not helped by peering into mirrors with dilated pupils )  found they still stocked the  originals. Decided against getting a different frame just for the sake of it  as they suit me . Made the measuring up and adjustment very easy too!


reensstitcher said...

Thanks for the information about flashing lights in the eyes of short-sighted people as the same thing has happened to both my husband and me. The optician said 'migraine' but I have never had one and I had wondered about retinal problems.

Pheasant Run Studio said...

I love this fabric. The size of the design is great.

Linda said...

Quite scary those flashing lights, been there and ended up at the eye hospital fearing for my retina. Most common as you say in over 50's, even more common in the optically challenged. Welcome to the next phase in your life - degneration!!!!

margaret said...

The inches of hemming - like all those "small" amounts on the credit card statement - soon add up to miles, as I discovered when putting cording around 8 pillows - 18" a side; it took forever!
As for the retinal thing - my work colleague who had a torn retina while on holiday said he noticed loss of acuity (the "dark shadow") as the symptom. He's fine now but had to lie on his side for a couple of days.