Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Quilts in situ

 Thought I'd show you other quilts of mine in situ. Firstly Ian's office - he's bagged quite a few pieces for display,  As you can see I've had a thing about doors for many years. Bonnard'sWindow (right) and Bonnard's Window II  date back to 1998. Bonnards Window II featured on the literature for 'Festival of Quilts' at Lords Cricket Ground in 1999. Remember that? -I didn't get to go to that as I'd just had surgery.
The books are part of Ian's Amazon Marketplace business 'Snanupbooks'. In a rash moment I promised to make him a banner for hanging along the bookcase....
 Bonnard's Window II and Petra ( made for Poetry in Stitches, it was on tour/in Kingston Hospital for a couple of years). The silk-painted cushions I made for Ian when we were courting! The framed piece is an early acrylics experiment that I don't much care for but Ian liked so I gave him.
 Sky, Sea, Fire, Stone - 'Elemental' entry for FoQ 2008. Started in CQ Summer School with Angie Hughes
And finally Bexhill Breakwater Sample looks good mounted on 12" canvas. Still plenty of room on this wall!!
The lovespoon in the window came from Llangollen when I first went to QuiltFest

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