Thursday, 3 February 2011

Choosing Circle Compositions

  A                              B
C                                 D

The Contemporary Quilt Journal Quilt Challenge this year is for a 10 inch square but there's also a theme for each 4 months: circles, text and buttons (I know I'm going to struggle with that one!) 

For circles I straight away thought of Petri dishes at work - I've taken loads of photos over the years for potential inspiration but not done anything with them apart from small  quilts/cards  for  staff and students leaving the lab. 
I've altered them quite a lot in Photoshop ('find edges' filter) so I could start to see them as shapes and not worry too much if I place a section upside down ( still a bit difficult- I visualise the plants falling out! ) I've printed out 3 images and chopped them up and rearranged them in different combinations.  I could do all 4 and that would be them done but not really in the spirit of experimentation! 
So, which to choose from the above? Or none and start again? Or have some of the curved shapes overlapping  rather than getting cut off at the straight edges - just thought of that -I'll have to go and print out some more!  


Susan Briscoe said...

Think I find B the most interesting - the larger circle sections lead the eye around the image, while the smaller ones add texture.

Linda said...

D is the one for me - but I think thats as much about values as shape!!

I'd already chosen a theme and done some loose research sketches so the circles/text/buttons has really thrown me.

Connie Rose said...

How about a small series...I love them all!