Saturday, 12 February 2011

More Silk Paper

 Margaret beat me to it in using supplies from George Weil!  Time to experiment in between baking 2 batches of rolls, making soup and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom . All before 4.30 when we set out to the Cadogan Hall via Pizza Express for a benefit concert in aid of Medicins San Frontiere.
 This one used cocoon strippings on one side, throwsters waste on the other, both containing  natural sericin. The thowsters waste gives an interesting texture but definately not so well behaved as the cocoon strippings - perhaps best used trapped between layers
 I like the irregular grid of the builders scrim ( and it gives a sturdy product) - I could see me exploring this one further with potential for both paint and stitch
 A broken dyed skeleton leaf gives a more ethereal effect.
Perhaps I should incorporate some of the 'old man's beard' collected at Box Hill last weekend ( more posts soon on how I'm trying to record my walks there)

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margaret said...

The old man's beard would be a good addition - it looks so beautiful in the photo! Because of the nature of the project I'm planning to use the silk paper in, I'm incorporating varieties of gold thread and gold snippings in the latest samples -- but hair (from the old man's beard??! - or maybe from my upcoming haircut) would also be interesting....