Thursday, 21 July 2011

Composing Peeling Posters

I think I'm beginning to get the feel for abstract compositions, so moving on from refining the pieces from Jo Budd's workshop, I've made a start on my CQ 'text' Journal Quilts. I've been observing and recording the changes in the peeling posters on the Great West Road for quite a while now (and helping it along by ripping some bits off too which I've squirreled away!) I realised though that in concentrating on the textures I'm omitted capturing any  words so had to rectify that. It's used mainly for  fly-posting adverts for party venues so that's what I'm working with.  
I've been printing photos onto cotton inkjet sheets and also colour catchers coated with Ink Aid. These tear very satisfyingly - I'm enjoying the effects of  those curling edges and your eye trying to work out whether it's a photo or for real! Now  I need to work out how to mount and stitch them. On canvas? distressed old quilt? (just bought another 'cutter' on ebay) Hand or machine quilt?
What really caught my eye when I was taking photos were the areas of posters bulging out through gaps in the fence. A journal quilt is just too small to do this justice -this calls for a huge piece!!
Interestingly the current issue of Surface Design is on paper - I dipped into it while delivering my quilt to Greenwich for FoQ reading about Mary Hark.

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Alex said...

These are fantastic - it's so hard to work out whether they're photos or not! I love the fragments and layering.