Monday, 11 July 2011

Lunch break

 It's a while since I paid a visit to my favourite bench - less than 10 minutes from the lab and despite being close to 'climbers and creepers' it's very peaceful (apart from the parakeets) and always empty even on the busiest summer day. Today though I shared it with a rather doeful creature obviously missing its owner!

Needed a bit of peace and quiet as partially deaf at the moment due to a mouldable ear plug disintegrating and its amazing what a difference it makes to toleration of sound! Also a change of focus from peering down the microscope all morning. With a new A6 landscape sketchbook to start , I  drew what was in front of me but using the negative shapes. Tricky! Perhaps I'll come back tomorrow and see if my new friend is still around .


Anonymous said...

Aw what a cute friend! I find drawing negative shapes incredibly hard...I keep nipping back the positive without realizing. Youres look really good. SORRY ABOUT YOUR EAR. HOPE YOU'RE HEARING BETTER SOON :)) I once balanced beads in my left ear just to see how many it would hold. 13 went in but only 12 came out. A useful experiment, forwarding man's understanding no end. Although sans bead now, I'm still a bit deaf in that ear. I feel I ought to add that I was about 5 at the time.

fabriquefantastique said...

I see a quilt coming on.