Tuesday 25 October 2011

Green Sea Ghosts and Threads

Print 1: Ink up mylar sheet with murky green, place sections of builders scrim, put through press. Decided not to continue with the scrim as pattern a bit regular but others were very grateful for my supplies and used them to great effect.
Print 2: Apply another layer of murky green ink and rayon thread already used on a yellow print. Use rag dipped in Zest-it to remove areas of ink. In the 'crit' at the end this was everyone's favourite of my work - wonderful subtle textures and colours.
Print 2 detail: Colours deposited by the threads being on the yellow print.
Print 3: 'Ghost' print of print 2
Print 3 detail: loving the textures here.

Print4: More ink applied and  moved around with brushes and rags dipped in Zest-it .

1 comment:

Sandra Wyman said...

Enjoying these adventures (have got into montype/print in a big way myself recently) and love the murky green/rayon thread one. NB washed scrim is less regular...