Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympic Torch at Kew

 On  Tuesday the Olympic Torch came through Kew Gardens and I joined the hordes lining the broadwalk, watching Oli Golding carry the torch and the photo opportunity in the middle of the giant Olympic rings in front of the Orangery. It was a lovely atmosphere  with loads of families and minimal security needed ( a lady on a bike asking people politely to move off the Broadwalk and Kew staff as stewards.
 I followed the crowds following the torch out the gate onto Kew Green  where all the cavalcade of  noisy sponsors, buses , film crews and  more police then I've ever seen in one place were gathered - quite a contrast to the relative peace  within  the Gardens.
 Had a good view of the torches 'kiss' though
 Best of all, this morning (Friday) I dashed out of the lab (which overlooks the river)  and onto the tow path just in time to see Gloriana sailing by with the torch on the Thames. They'd been delayed for a while at Teddington Lock so with visitors arriving at 10 I thought I'd miss it . So special.

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