Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Lego Quilt Progress

 I was up late last night determined to have 4 blocks of 'lego quilt'  assembled on the design wall  as a reward for Sunday's marathon piecing section.
 The stages involved are :
1 - chain piecing patches of strips, light/dark with medium into 2-patches
2-  chain piecing the 2 -patches into 11 inch strips ( adding extra bits on as necessary)
3- pressing the strips (that took a while!)
4-  chain piecing 2  strips together
5 -  Randomly deal out 5 x double strips (below)  but weeding out  duplicate fabrics ( not had to do too much of this so far - have over 200 different ones!).  Sew together
 I'm loving how the random colours work together , now the decision is  what arrangement to use.
( it will be 4 x 5 ten inch blocks). What do you  think? Rail Fence or Bricks?

 A -'Rail Fence'
B - 'Bricks'


Jill said...

Hard to choose I rather like the 'rail fence', but the 'bricks' looks good and I especially like it when done with parallel lines of quilting - depends what over all effect you're after.

Susan Briscoe said...

Rail Fence makes a better construction I think - it's what I'd pick for myself. Looks like fun!

Margaret Cooter said...

Bricks get my vote - possibly staggered?
What a jolly project! Relaxing and productive at the same time...

Kathleen Loomis said...

definitely rail fence!

I think the seams between blocks in the brick arrangement are distracting. (If you want parallel rows of bricks across your whole quilt, why do it in blocks at all? Just sew strips together the whole width of the quilt and be done a lot faster.)