Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sandown Inspiration

On Friday I went to Sandown for the National Quilt Championships, partly to drop off my 'Unfini-SHED'  donations for Quilters Guild tombola and partly to buy some more fabric from Jo Lovelock!(below). It's very straightforward to get the train to Esher but as there are only 2 trains an hour, as I'd just missed one on my return (despite running up stairs and over the bridge), it gave me plenty of time to  observe the splendid peeling paint ( above)

I also bought some  fabric from  'Images of Egypt' - dyed linen for overdying in indigo and some discharged  cotton and looked at some quilts. There seem to be fewer and fewer competition quilts which is a shame  but there were several  displays by both individuals such as Greta Fitchett as well as groups that were well worth a look. Pieces in 'Elements of Nature' in the 'British Art Quilt Gallery' were particularly interesting. It looks like most of the artists are also involved with  Art Textiles :Made in Britain  - I look forward  to their show on 'Idendity' at FoQ.
Among that group, I was less aware of the work of  Louise Baldwin ( above) than the others but I loved the lively stitching in her small framed pieces.
These contrasted with the controlled machine stitching of  Pauline Barnes - it was great to see such a large diverse display of her work.

Inspired by my visit and catching up with various people I headed home to put some serious hours in on my 'Dilocation' quilt while Ian was at his parents. And  it paid off , entry completed and submitted ahead of deadline (just!) Just have to catch up with the housework now... 



Maggi said...

Great colours in the peeling paint images. I had intended to go down and visit the show but unfortunately my hairdresser was on holiday so have to go this Saturday instead!

Gillian Cooper said...

Love the connection between your peeling paint photos and the fabric you bought. The photo of Pauline Barnes work is also beautiful. I'll have to look for more of her work.