Tuesday 30 September 2014

Fleeting Moments

'shibori 'Clouds
'Shibori' waves on Chesil Beach
You would be forgiven for thinking that our breaks in Weymouth revolve around food and real ales! Today we had the treat of a traditional afternoon tea at the 'Height's' Hotel and Restaurant overlooking Chesil Beach. The first time we've been inside, we usually make our way there at some point for the amazing views.
Probably our favourite spot however is the'Taste' Cafe at Chesil Beach Nature Centre- we walked there for lunch both yesterday and today. I never tire of  watching how the Fleet lagoon changes by the minute, with the tide rising and falling and different light and weather conditions.It formed the basis of my 'Fleet Mudflats' quilt  and I've had various bits of fabric marinating on my design wall for the last few months.

Lots of little waders (Dunlins?)spotted when I didn't have my  new binoculars with me ! 

colourful beach debris 
Seedheads at Smallmouth Bay 
Thumbnail sketches 
The dining table becomes my studio space - scraps of fabric for journal quilts today, mono-printing planned for Thursday (we're  visiting friends in Wellington tomorrow) and beer festival on Friday ( our 3rd)


Sandra Wyman said...

After Llanidloes I KNOW that your breaks revolve around food and real ale - as did ours so nothing wrong with that. Love the photographs and sketches. Am a fellow sea person (spent the day Friday walking the North Wales coast before the Rhyl opening getting my fix) I envy you the views.

Sue said...

What lovely shibori photos. The afternoon tea didn't look half bad either! Sounds like the perfect combination of things for a relaxing battery charging break.

Clairan Ferrono said...

Enjoyed the blog. The scenery is spectacular.