Thursday 11 September 2014

Lost for Words

If  it's seemed a little quiet here, that's partly because I've been writing a series of posts on painting with acrylics on the 'And Then We Set it on Fire' blog.
Mainly though it's because I've been attempting to absorb the implications of the proposed new structure for science at Kew announced last Thursday. It's far more radical than we ever imagined and although there will a few weeks of consultation, there is no job for me. Meanwhile have to attempt to carry on as usual, to deliver the conservation projects I'm involved with.
We're  also numb with shock by the tragic loss of our colleague Nigel Veitch. I  didn't work directly with him  but  knew him through  being  a member of the Kew staff choir  he directed with such patience (photo here of happier times in rehearsal). So  sad.


Annabel said...

Thanks for the link to the blog Mags. So sorry to hear of all your other news - a time of huge upheavels at Kew, and the sad news of your colleague. I hope all goes well for you - my best wishes as always. xx

Felicity said...

I'm so sorry - that's a whole lot of horrible news. xx

Olga Norris said...

Jings! Sad about your colleague, and stunning about your job. All the best luck with making the most of the forced change.

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear about the upheaval at work. I hope there is some sort of better answer for you.

And then to have the news about your colleague is not good either. I am sure you all will miss him.

I am enjoying the posts on the Fire blog. I never realised just what went into some of these wonderful pieces you have made!
Big hugs,

Gillian Cooper said...

Really sorry to hear about your job and the other sad news. Hope something brighter happens soon.

Julie said...

I'm just catching up and am shocked to hear both pieces of news. I'll add my voice to that of those wishing you a good outcome from the change. I have been enjoying your posts on the Fire blog too.