Wednesday 18 March 2015

Moving Forward

Or should that be ' March ahead'! Back from Weymouth I  finished stitching my 'Shore Lines' quilt for International Threads exhibition in Prague. Before posting them off to Uta today I took a  quick photo of them all on my 'Display Wall'  (aka wardrobe and studio doors with over door hooks and curtain rods- my working design walls are polystyrene and cork boards). Ian is very patient, asking permission to get his shirts out  the wardrobe.

Mostly though, last week was spent down in the 'Catacombs' clearing out and cleaning the  front cellar ( above) and rear storage area ( below), in order to sort out and  store temporarily  our stuff for 'keep, store, giveaway , disposal' . They weren't both clear at the same time , there was a lot of stooped shunting of  boxes from one to the other and back again. Hard hats and dust masks essential.

 Before Ian went back to work we sorted through the kitchen together cupboard by cupboard and have a satisfying load on the dining room table awaiting charity shop/freecycle.
Kiwi Landscapes are coming tomorrow for some 'garden maintenance'(we 've hardly been out there for 6 months -seriously overgrown) but in preparation I cleared the way to the compost bins and installed another catscarer (local moggies have been using the gravel as catlitter while we haven't been around so much!) . It already looks so much better and I was rewarded by the hellebores in flower. They don't seem to have come to too much harm from the harvesting last year for 'Fast Forward' experiments.
Now its' time for some cleaning, and  going through my studio space. Currently sorting through contents of  desk used as sewing table - my 'Sewezi' has arrived. 


Margaret Cooter said...

The empty "rooms" are seriously impressive!

Julie said...

I've recently got a SewEzi too Mags. It is invaluable! Good luck with all the sorting.

Maggi said...

Your pieces for Prague look great. What a wonderful invention the SewEzi is.