Friday, 27 March 2015

So easy to get distracted...

I ran out of large plastic boxes  for packing up fabric in my studio  so had to  go to Wilkinsons for more. And while I was going to West Ealing, I thought I'd take some glass items to the charity shop  which entailed  finding the tissue  paper  and  bubble wrap  and sorting out the front room ( shoving stuff under the table)  so I had a flat surface to wrap them.   

 And while I was at  it unwrapping the   outer packing of the cardboard boxes  so can commence packing up the Portmeirion and books, lots of books. Taking the outer packaging down the cellar led to cleaning a section of the  storage area down there, Then with the gasman coming to service the boiler today, I needed to move the exercise bike out the kitchen  into the conservatory  which meant sorting through all the tools from under the stairs that had been sitting on the table  for several days. With the gasman gone,  I took advantage of the kitchen being clearer than normal to hoover and mop.

So after lunch as a change from  packing, I finally got round to putting my 'Sew-Ezi' table together.  Finding a clear area was a bit of a challenge. While quite straight forward and excellent instructions, it took 3 goes of putting it together  as with the recommended 2 spacers ,  my   Bernina  stood a little proud and I made the mistake  of taking one off rather than adding one on...  I must put it away again now, hand sewing only at the moment, but I'm  looking forward to using it, it feels very sturdy.   

  Here's the desk that it's replacing - its' mainly been used a dumping space  but  at least  1 set of drawers would be handy.  It's very heavy so  it's going to be difficult to get out ( I'll have to clear  and move out the table first)
Meanwhile  my computer desk needs   clearing, still have boxes of documents from work that need sorting  but I'm more interested in deciding on what masterclasses I want to do at FoQ this year , to be ready for booking on Monday. I've also been practising alto part of 'A Gaelic  Blessing'  for memorial service in a few weeks time ( caterwauling with earphones on, probably just as well that the builders next door are drowning me out) and of course checking emails.   

We did have a grand plan of what needed doing in each room and a rough idea of what order things  needed to be done in  but the devil is in the detail. When I said I was 'project managing' our move, I knew it would be complex - the examples used when I went on a training course  were nothing like as complicated. Just as well we don't have specific  deadline, but do feel we're making some progress.  

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