Wednesday 17 June 2015

Develop your Drawing 6 : Metamorphosis

Week 6 of  Develop Your Drawing at City Lit  was intriguingly titled 'metamorphosis' 

  After initial warm up   with graphite sticks of drawing cones, spheres , cylinders and cubes with line  only to describe surface   we had a longer  session than normal looking at artists work: Rembrandt's elephantDa vinci musclesGrunewald  folds; Henry Moore's Sheep and ( my favourite) Kathe Kollwitz figures with lines describing form with such sensitivity.
 Then dividing our A1 paper into four  and using HB pencil ( my least favourite drawing implement!)  we drew 2 objects on opposite corners, using only lines to indicate 3D structure. My colander  was rather more successful than the staple gun.
Then the 'metamorphosis' , using our imagination to show 2 different stages of change from one object to another:  my 2 were more like  paths of evolution with different bits lost!

Some interesting examples from others  of bloated hammers and bottles turning into hands, mine was very tame by comparison but then there was some good-natured  fighting over the best objects.
Next week we're released into the wild ( well Waterloo bridge)  with our sketchbooks to collect information for the following 2 sessions.  

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