Monday, 26 October 2015

49 Quilts

This morning  Sue came round to help me pack up my quilts. I started with covering the  bed with hand quilted  'Medieval Tile Quilt' that took me 7 years  to make!   Then   brought quilts together from the Georgian mahogany chest they're normally stored in and those draped over the bannisters from hanging on the walls and lay them on the bed to sort by size and type.  I cut 'noodles' to size  while Sue ripped strips of old sheet and then rolled  and tied them in  3's and 4's.  The largest quilts were refolded and placed in pillowcases. Next step will be matching the rolls with storage bags or wrapping them in  pillow cases  and sheets ( run out of time to make more bags and my machines are now packed up anyway). I ordered some metre high cardboard boxes for transporting them. 
There's 49 quilts here - not counting the 9 that are currently away from home for exhibitions(Cwilt Cymru and International Threads)  and the 220ish Journal Quilts in  2 very large plastic boxes....
That's an awful lot  of investment of time  ( at least half are hand stitched) but I've enjoyed every minute.



Jo Vandermey said...

What a wonderful time to see, appreciate and celebrate your your accomplishments and gifts!

jude said...

that'a a lot of quilts!