Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Drawing Ceramics at the V&A

No official ' Drawing Tuesday'  yesterday while Margaret is in France  but after  a morning sorting out house stuff ( and delivery of yet more boxes ) I headed off to  the V&A  in the afternoon to the ceramics gallery to draw the oil lamps that caught my eye on previous visit .   Sketched for just an hour then rewarded myself with coffee and brownie ( alas no custard tarts left...) in the Members Room. It was good to  draw again after  a bit of a break but I missed the company.

Perched on my stool I found material for future sessions just in that one case - the  complex patterns of the pierced incense burners  on the shelf below, and the subtle variations in bowls on the shelf above. Also overheard a conversation between 2 elderly gents  looking at ancient Chinese pottery to work out whether they'd been diddled in their recent auction purchases!!
South  Kensington was  incredibly busy being half term  but it's good to know that museums are still so popular. This  newly installed  sculpture  was a contrast in every way to what I was looking at  but  was being enjoyed  in the autumn sun ( for a seat if nothing else).

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Margaret Cooter said...

Such riches at the V&A! The little town I'm visiting has three museums, fitted into old buildings like castles and a seminary, which is interesting in its way, but when it comes to the actual objects on show, the variety and quality has a much smaller scope. We did have a conversation with a staff member in the smallest of them, the prison museum, which had two art installations, and got a glimpse of its aspirations and challenges.