Thursday, 5 November 2015

Drawing Tuesday at the Science museum

 Bit of a frustrating time  this Tuesday drawing in the Science  Museum. We met in the gallery devoted to 'Making the Modern World' and there some fantastic items to draw (  like the  early sewing machine!) However there were LOTS of school groups , no stools and all the seating areas were occupied. I headed up to the mezzanine level where there were some benches and display cases with interesting  items (' Plan Your kitchen Kit' anyone?)  but it was still difficult to get close enough to  look at things properly.

 I chose this steam engine model ( mainly for the reflections in the copper )
  I liked the 'blind drawing' not looking at the paper - it looks like  some Heath Robinson contraption.
 I struggled with the straight lines of the architecture ( why did I choose it - I much prefer organic shapes ). It looks marginally better  using Photoshop filters (below) but not much. I should have just gone for abstracting the shapes which is what appealed in the first place.  Next week I'll take my sketching stool with me .

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