Wednesday 25 November 2015

Drawing Tuesday in the Ironwork Galleries at the V&A

The Ironwork Galleries  at the V&A  are  full of wonderful things to draw: locks, grilles, candlesticks  and it's relatively quiet. Owning 3 pewter  vases which I've drawn  many times ( large and small scale), I was attracted to the  display cases which  housed a variety of characterful items.
I started off with a 'blind drawing' to capture quickly their quirky shapes then started  on robust ewer ( below) before giving up as the light was so poor. I then concentrated on this delightful coffee pot.  It looks  Art Nouveau rather then 1750! I love how the patterns on the lid merge with those on the body and the particular patina that you get with pewter.  


  Some more lovely shapes but too high up to draw without a getting a crick in your neck. Another advantage of these galleries - an eye level view of the Chihuly glass installation
Then to the members room for  lunch, coffee and custard tart ( and a look at everyone elses sketchbooks) 

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