Monday, 11 January 2016

2015 Journal Quilts

Looking forward to receiving my copy of CQ newsletter  and finding out what this year's Journal Quilt   Challenge will involve. This will the  10th year  doing them with CQ  but my 14th as I started in 2003. I can't stress enough how much I've learnt through the process of making them .Often they're samples testing out ideas for larger quilts or experiments from workshops or classes. More recently however I've been making  small collages using scraps  responding to places I'm visiting. My regular trips to Weymouth/Portland  and on retreat at Rydal Hall continue to be a source of inspiration.  We'll be in Weymouth again the first week in February and I'm already choosing scraps to take!
The montage of my quilts from last year is pretty diverse ( and yes I do know there are 14 - I got carried away with the B&W ones!), none of this designing them all at the beginning for me, that wouldn't allow for changes along the way. It also reflects what has been a year of  momentous change  for me  - I'll be doing another summary post in preparation for the 'change of address' letter we'll be sending out instead of our  annual Xmas one.

Another reason for looking forward to the CQ newsletter is that this JQ features on the cover to accompany  an article on eco-dyeing - Margaret Cooter is doing an excellent job as editor, she was so patient!


Linda B. said...

Having seen this year's parameters I've been thinking of taking a year off - but your post is making me question this idea!!!

Nina Marie said...

Wow!! You know I did two year of the journal quilts and never did them again. They actually were a good way to inspire me to bigger ideas! Hope you share this on OTWFri.

Judy Martin said...

Congratulations on being on the cover of CQ. And congratulations for being so industrious for 14 years. These look super.