Sunday, 31 January 2016

A touch of purple : 2016 Scrap Journal Quilts

The CQ journal quilt challenge this year is 8 x 10 inch portrait with a 'touch of purple' Jan- April ( green and orange later in the year). I like to base my JQ's on what I'm doing throughout the year , and the last couple of years I've  mainly used scraps to make little sketches/ compositions. So I came on holiday  armed  with sketching gear; Kindle; score for Haydn's Creation ( will do some practicing alto chorus parts singing along to 'cyberbass' ) and a large bag of bits of fabric.
I sorted them roughly into colour groups and even with such a large selection, find I'm short of lights and yellows. Never mind, my first tacked composition is based around trimmings of indigo damask with holes in  ( with flashes of purple beneath). I'm intending to explore darning, mending  and other 'slow stitch' techniques this year.  

Talking of purple - this colour is missing from my oil  pastel starter set and  more  blues and reds are required in order to mix them. There's lots of greens but purples are the quintessential landscape colours for me, I had requests on a watercolour course on how to mix ' Mags Purple' as everyone else started seeing them too!  


Kathleen Loomis said...

Haydn's Creation -- what a wonderful piece! Are you singing it in English or German? You probably know that he had the libretto written in both languages simultaneously so all the words would fit the music and you could do it either way.

After we heard a great performance (in German) several years ago I was all excited to do a series of quilts with that as inspiration. It never occurred but I still think about it occasionally. I decided the Wurm (you can guess the English) would be a good visual image for one of the later days.

your journal collage looks neat too

magsramsay said...

It is indeed awesome, we've heard it several times including at the Proms and have more than 1 recording. We're singing it in English but in the Oxford choral score we're using, the libretto is below the German in much smaller print which has been causing some headaches.
I haven't sung such a large or complicated piece since University but am enjoying the challenge and the camaraderie of the choir.