Monday, 8 February 2016

Purple Holes and New Shelving

 I've just uploaded an image of my  Journal Quilt for January ('purple holes') to the CQ Yahoo Group - I did most of the stitching on the train back from Weymouth and watching the final episode of 'War and Peace'
Over the weekend Ian and I dismantled the wardrobe that was in the alcove of my studio and I constructed another 2 sets of black plastic shelving ( now have 5) . Much better use of space ,I wonder how long it will take to fill them...
The wind is a bit alarming on the second floor! Not much sleep last night as we're not yet used to what the 'normal' sounds of our new house are.

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Margaret Cooter said...

How long will it take to fill those shelves? ... about 2 minutes?? But it will be an organised, accessible sort of infill. Nice.