Thursday, 12 May 2016

Watercolours of Sicily

 Visiting the Sicily: Culture and Conquest  exhibition at the British Museum  last Friday  had me searching for my watercolour sketchbook from the trip to Western Sicily in 2002.  I hadn't met Ian then so he hadn't seen them . They're a bit variable in quality but they summoned up a  host of memories  ( some like twisting my ankle in Palermo botanic garden and  severe conjunctivitis best forgotten! )


I'd forgotten these ones from the Belvedere at Monte Reale - I was already beginning to look at details  as well as the more obvious subjects.

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Margaret Cooter said...

Aren't holiday sketches so much richer than holiday photos! When I look at the ones I did in the Peleponese, it all comes back to me, everything tied up with stopping to do a little drawing - the stopping allows the paying of attention and that puts so much into the memory.

Hoping Sicily is on my travel horizon; the BM exhibition is definitely on my list.