Monday, 30 May 2016

Lounge Decoration Completed

 Before we went to Italy we took everything out of the lounge and  it was repainted ('Lavender Quartz')  so it had  over a week to dry  before the new carpet ('Squirrel')   was laid on Tuesday
  The bookcases  were delivered and installed on Wednesday
 This weekend  we've been unpacking boxes of books ( somehow Ian had ended up with 2 out the 3 bookcases ... we  had our books in different rooms before); cutting down and installing blinds; moving  back the sofa , mahogany chest and TV. We're thrilled with how it looks , it feels more like home now  and with taking 40+ cardboard boxes out to the garage  we have the bonus of being able to eat in the dining room again


Sue said...

Looks really good. Just needs a quilt on the wall!

reensstitcher said...

I really love the colour scheme. You must be glad to have it all sorted.