Friday, 3 June 2016

Drawing Tuesday in a Domestic Museum

This week's drawing Tuesday took place at Margaret's residence in Kensal Rise.  The weather was appalling so no sketching in the garden and the collection of waterproofs and umbrellas drying out  in the bathroom inspired at least 1 drawing! We started off with coffee and baklava , did a bit of drawing and then had a very convivial lunch
 Margaret had described it as a 'domestic museum'  and it was indeed a treasure trove of interesting and diverse objects. Somehow, someone else's collections are so much more inspiring than your own.
 I drew a small collection of stoneware bottles - I liked the subtle variations in shape and colour
 Unlike other museums there weren't the same restrictions on use  of 'dry ' materials  so I had a go with watercolours too.
 It reminded me when I got home of the class I went to  3 years ago with Margaret associated with the Morandi exhibition at the Estorick Collection.  Not the same levels of dust however !

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