Thursday, 16 June 2016

Reading a Paint Surface 3: Selective Engagement, Contextual Oblivion

Another absorbing, frustrating, envigorating class at City Lit, this week using our own source material, practising how to select subject material that engages from secondary sources ( photos, drawings) by painting out areas on photo with white acrylic, turning upside down  etc. Next week we'll start working on 2 pieces at once - this piece is of sufficient interest to continue  with.
 my second piece will have a different low- key ground  in contrast to red/orange( again).

Session started with looking a paintings of a variety of artists  and their approaches, what is not painted but the mind fills in. Many new to me but worth further investigation: Christian Hellmich;Richard Diebenkorn;frank Auerbach;Holger Kalberg;Kyoke Kanda;Nock Goss;Phoebe Unwin;Thomas Mullenbach;ZhangEnLi.

In haste, still to finish packing for CQ summer school tomorrow!  

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Kira said...

I still need to finish packing for summer school and I leave in 4 hours! Everything is in piles but those piles need to be (neatly) put in bags and boxes so that I can actually carry them :-S