Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Inspiration from Faversham Open Gardens

A very enjoyable and interesting Sunday afternoon  in search of  inspiration   at Faversham Open Gardens. Lots of plants for sale in the market and  discovery of new places and routes through the town - had no idea about this original Georgian shop fron behind the Fleur de Lis Museum.

 Among my favourite plantings : a  narrow courtyard  garden; a wild flower meadow ( yes really!) and a tall ,well-stuffed herbaceous border of architectural plants

  Unusual planting ideas: a pallet 'dresser', a school desk  and succulents hung on the wall

 Pots and containers ( sometimes of quite large specimen  plants)

 Raised planters ( lots of veggie ones made of sleepers but these were more  stylish, particularly liked the ones at Ethelbert Primary School  and  the  children were very proud and enthusiastic about their crops!)

 Sheds/ Summerhouses  in small spaces gave us food for thought  when  we got home, looking at our space afresh.
 A few weeks ago while attempting to put a rotary dryer spike in the lawn , we discovered that it would only go in an inch!  Our garden basically  consists of  decking  and a thin skin of turf over rubble, no soil, so  we're having to rethink our ideas. As we'll have to import lots of soil ,hard landscaping with lots of pots and raised planters ( and possibly a  studio shed) seems the way to go. I'm  planning to do a short garden design course at City Lit in the Autumn.

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fabriquefantastique said...

I like he raised planters,just right. I know Faversham and have been to their Saturday market many times.