Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

A day trip up to Birmingham on Saturday to meet up with other members of Cwilt Cymru. I haven't been in the city centre for many years  and I love the mixture of old and new.  

 The venue was the Edwardian  Tea Rooms   in the Museum and Art Gallery ( a booth had been reserved for us by Judith's daughter )
 After a most enjoyable and constructive meeting over coffee, lunch and afternoon tea, there was just time before my train to see the Staffordshire  Hoard

  Although some of the more complete and valuable  pieces were displayed  in the 'treasury' I preferred the conservation collections with  twisted fragments and samples of soil etc - it gave an indication of the immensity and richness of the hoard.  I also could have played for hours with the interactive screens !
  And on the way out, how could I resist the De Morgan Tiles ....

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