Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Drawing Roman Glass and Studio Makeover (again!)

We spent the weekend clearing spaces in the house and garage for the arrival of our goods from storage next Tuesday  (they've been in since May2015!) With the arrival of more shelving , I wasn't able to go sketching in London  this week so rather than 'Drawing Tuesday' ,I had 'Drawing Monday' at the Roman Museum in Canterbury while I waited for new lenses to be fitted in my specs.
A small museum, hidden in a back street, you go downstairs to find  the Roman mosaic discovered  during WW2 with reconstructions of shops etc built around it and excellent interpretation linking finds to  where they were discovered. It's very popular with families and school groups  but was very quiet  when I visited. No sketching stools but the steward kindly found me an office chair - luxury!
 Lots of Roman glass , how could I resist the flagon below which was found in Faversham!

 Yesterday, in between waiting for the doorbell for deliveries, I was sorting through my stash, repacking it into bigger plastic boxes ,making discoveries,  moving bookcases, constructing more shelving.  The scene before (above) and after (below).  
 The 'Phoenix' cube storage system from Argos bought because  the shelving was discontinued looks like it will be prove to be very useful - there's another set of 4 to go where the boxes are in the picture above .  I really like Ikea Ivar shelving and boxes but the quality has declined drastically since  these I bought 25 years ago hence the search for alternatives (the temporary black  plastic shelving has gone out to the garage). I might finally get my African textile pieces on the wall - having inspiring but neutral coloured artwork in the studio works well for me.  
 These fabric covered shelving units are proving useful for smaller boxes. I can construct one in 20 minutes now and as  I add to the row, my aim is to drop the covers down,  and use as the basis of a design wall ( along with boards propped up on Ikea wooden footstools, that indispensable studio item)The sewezi tables are also proving indispensable - I can quickly set up my sewing machines in all kind of positions in the room and it adds flexibility to changing studio space.

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