Saturday, 8 October 2016

Drawing Tuesday : Cycling to Reculver

Well I intended to some drawing on Tuesday and packed my rucksack with all kinds of materials I might use when I revisited Birchington by train. But the objective of the trip was to take my folding bike on the train for the first time ( it worked a treat) and once I was pedalling in the sun, I couldn't resist the lure of Reculver in the distance.

Minnis Bay was very quiet compared to my last visit in August and there were just a few cyclists and walkers along the trail . I stopped frequently to take photos , especially of the sea defences in varying stages of disintegration. It was a lot busier at Reculver with school groups but an interesting place to explore further .

The 3 mile cycle back was a lot harder than on the way out as the wind was much stronger and  had changed direction so  I was riding directly into it .At least I got to try all the gears! I was too tired to stop and sketch but will do so next time ( and take less stuff!)

The previous Friday I'd had a  trip to Whitstable with 3 other from CQ Kent group. We  managed to fit in an  hours drawing in between coffee at the Horsebridge Centre (  with interesting exhibition by Lisa Woolett) and excellent fish and chips at the  Forge. We had a very enjoyable time , definitely one to repeat and maybe we might even fit in a bit more sketching.

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