Thursday, 20 October 2016

Return to Gythion Next Year

' Gythion Glow ( detail)
  The best antidote for post-holiday blues  is to book the next one! We had a lovely time in Weymouth but Ian has  now got a nasty cold which I'm beginning to go down with. We were cheering ourselves up with planning for going away  for my birthday next year, probably Yorkshire when a redirected brochure  arrived with a week in the  Peloponnese staying in the Hotel Pantheon , Gythion . A sketch from the hotel when we were staying  over Easter 2006 formed the basis for 'Gythion Glow' ( CQ 'Thin Blue line' Challenge) , one of the first quilts I used acrylic paint on ( and sold!)

We had an inspirational fortnight  travelling around the  area  :  amazing historical sites , flowers (especially orchids);  lovely  food and drink and  so many crumbly doors  and magnificent scenery to capture in watercolour. We've been  back to Mycenae independently  from Paralia Astros  but travelling around the Mani is more challenging.
Made the booking today!!


Iz said...

I think you're onto something there - definitely time to book another holiday! Love the blue line quilt.

Margaret Cooter said...

Love the photo of "laundry"!