Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Drawing Tuesday :More Coral at the Beaney

 Drawing Tuesday this week  was at the RAF Museum , Hendon, a bit too  far  for me  to get to easily and anyway I needed to take my laptop into Canterbury  for repair ( tracker pad and internet not working) .So instead I went back to the Beaney and after my fascination with coral at the NHM, found some different structures to sketch. I only had about 45 minutes, the one below will have to wait for my next visit !  

 I walked a different  route from usual from the repair shop into the city, past the Castle  and  lots of interesting  shops. I was lured into the  Stark Gallery and couldn't resist these earrings made from old  watch faces

 Nor could I resist this combination of peeling paint - enough inspiration for a whole series !
A very satisfying day out  and I've just had a phone call to say that my laptop is ready to pick up , all fixed for £35 'MOT'  

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