Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Advanced Painting: generating ideas and Home Studio

We had a different tutor  for Advanced Painting last week : Rod Judkins who has written a couple of books on creativity. It was interesting to have a different perspective, giving an overview of the work of Mark Tansey and how he generates  ideas through his 'color wheel '.
 The canvases are huge and monochromatic ( partly to unify as the starting material is collage  of all different colours ) .  If you look at them closely ( as were able to do when projected on screen)  you can see all kinds of witty detail, puns  and references to the art world ( eg art speak text in 'building the Grand Canyon)
Picasso and Braque

Valley of Doubt

Building the Grand Canyon

Doubting Thomas
 Many people were continuing with their 'transcription' of Bachus and Ariadne, starting new work or   continuing with paintings they already had started.  The muse  however was missing for me and I  had a few false starts   until the last half hour when in desperation I pulled out a scumbled failed painting from the drawer , similar to the surface used for oil transfer technique.  I did something  based on photos of Minnis Bay , very loose with splatters and use of credit card scraping and in the end decided it wasn't that  bad!

  Maybe I was just painted out having had  my first session the day before using the kitchen as a painting studio ( Ian's complaints about me taking over the house may have some justification... )

  I was working again the mussels: photos printed on black t-shirt transfer paper and applied to fabric then quilted before painting. The one based on the outside of the mussel went from bad to terrible , dark and over-worked,  but  the one  of the inside with its circle of sand   went better
  Yesterday I added more stitch with  my Pfaff Grandquilter  which  copes with all the layers of paint admirably and am excited by the possibilities of scaling up.
Only 2 more classes to go and I'm deciding what to do -  painting time is actually  only a couple of hours taking into account set up and cleaning up  and I always take too much stuff and waste time trying to decide between option. This course has generated too many ideas! More shells or Minnis Bay?

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