Monday, 19 December 2016

Prints, Vessels and Waves

Before my last  Advanced Painting  class on Friday , I went to the prints exhibition  room 90 at the British Museum to see 'Touch:Works on paper' by Maggi Hambling.  But I got distracted by the  selection of works  in the display area to the right:
'Modern Design and Graphics: Objects and Prints from Post-War Europe'
A small display of objects and prints, highlighting the relationship between three-dimensional objects and two-dimensional objects.
 My favourite was by Swedish artist  Philip von Schantz , a watercolour 'Towards Arholma'  where the curved vessels merge with the water and sky. Having actual vessels displayed alongside was inspired . I found other examples of his work online like the one below

 Other pairings was this linocut of sails  by Jurleif Uthaug  with wooden vessels  ( above)  and the lithograph of a woman hanging out washing  by  Jurgen von Konow  with an engraved glass vase  (below)

 I was a bit short of time so didn't note down the makers of the print and woven baskets above or the glass vessels  displayed with the Morandi etchings ( rather a contrast to the dusty  bottles they were drawn from!!)
The drawings that Maggi Hambling made of   close family and friends on their deathbeds (or in  her coffin in the case of her mother) are  very moving but it is her studies  of waves  that I  find compelling in capturing their force and energy.  

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