Thursday, 2 February 2017

Wind Me In The Sea: Daily Stitching Project

 At a Rydal Hall retreat a few years ago when were  sharing books that inspired us ,  an entry in the 'History of the World  in 100 Objects'   set off a discussion about winding cloths and burial practices.  I've had it in mind for a while to construct a double sided  installation piece  using indigo scraps , partly inspired by work  by Masai Bamba   seen at Cloth and memory 2 and Beverly Ayling-Smith at the Whitworth.
 I've got so into stitching on the train that I wanted  a project  that could be worked   in sections , easily portable.    So on January 1st I made a start, sewing my first scrap to   a  piece of  1/2 width kasuri kimono fabric ( a semi-transparent gauze).  I've been adding pieces alternatively to each side, selecting and pinning a few strips at a time. 

Very soon I was getting very excited about the interaction of the stitches - both sides are of equal importance   and then  when you hold it  against the light, it has  yet another dimension.  I'm calling it 'Wind me in the sea' - I don't know  yet quite how large it's going to be or what changes I'll make along the way  but it's addictive daily stitching.


Tiggy Rawling said...

love it!

reensstitcher said...

I think even I with my hand problems might be able to do something like this! Thank you for the idea.