Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Drawing Tuesday at V&A and 2 Talks

 It's 2 weeks since 'Drawing Tuesday' in the ceramics  gallery at the V&A. These translucent vessels based on Korean ceramics unbelievably are made of soap. I couldn't resist adding my matching water bottles to the picture, maybe I should draw those too!

 I attempted to capture their translucency using watercolour pencils - never have quite the right colour. It worked better when I concentrated  on the negative shapes between them .
The time since then was  mainly spent on preparing and then delivering 2 different  talks: 'Stitching into Place' for London Quilters on Monday 18th and 'A Contemporary Perspective'  to Oast Quilters in Canterbury on Saturday 23rd.
It's been over 3 years since I last did one and so I had to start from scratch with my Powerpoint presentations and was  rather nervous. Unfortunately  there was a technical hitch at London Quilters, not able to connect my laptop to the projector ( I really must sort out getting my own )  so   had to  do without  and talk about the quilts I had with me. But I was among friends   and my experiences of having to do impromptu talks and tours at work kicked in, it's good to know I haven't lost the knack  although I'd prepare for that eventuality  another time! 

At Oast (which I'm a member of), I'd already planned to take advantage of being local and having a lift to take a lot of my older and larger quilts to show . I didn't have time to take photos  but it was great to see my 7 year epic Medieval Tile Quilt  hung , I'm still so proud to have  made  it . This photo of 'Tunisian Door' and 'City Girls Dream of the Sea' was posted on the groups Facebook page. the technology worked this time both  projector and microphone  so I was able to show the inspiration behind 'Birchington Breakwaters' ( which of course is of local interest) besides talking about my older quilts 

After 2 successful talks in a week, I feel more confident now. I already have 1 booking for next year. 
This week I'm  writing an article for the Quilter and packing for Weymouth next week. We're so looking forward to a break in our 'home from home.' 

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