Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Drawing Tuesday: Frieze Sculptures in Regent's Park

 Drawing Tuesday this week  was  of the Frieze  sculptures in the 'English Garden' of  Regent's Park ( Royal College of Physicians if wet!). Luckily the rain (mainly) held off   but the RCP is on my list to visit .
 My choice of subject ( John Chamberlain's  'Fiddlersfortune") was dictated  by there being a convenient bench to draw from, not having my sketching stool with me as I was going to the RA in the afternoon.  It was fiendish to draw with the highly textured pink aluminium surface and all those intertwined coils but I did enjoy  the freedom of using coloured biros before settling into a more considered study in pencil.  

 Our lunch at the 'Smokehouse'  was interrupted  by the noise of a helicopter , which landed on the lawn just behind us!

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