Saturday 17 March 2018

Contemporary Collage week 8 :'Collision and Juxtapose'

In this session we were asked to bring vintage postcards in and to be prolific, doing just one thing to it eg cut, paint , collage  as in the bizzarre combination  before  of  the Lake District. 

I'd  bought  6 postcards of Ramsgate and Margate from 1908 to 1935 on Faversham market and  mainly worked into copies of the fronts and backs

We had a quick look at artists  who'd used postcards including Ruth Claxton 

Some of my output.... ( I made some 'postcards' from  images in magazines as well as using copies and originals).
With these I 'chopped and swapped 'the front and back of a postcard( above) 
and  2 different images of the same vintage (below) 

 I  enjoyed working with the backs , with their spidery writing  mainly about the weather ( some things don't change...)

 Drawing on the  fronts , even if they were just copies was harder,    a bit like desecrating a book.

We packed up early, leaving our postcards on the wall  and then played a curatorial  exercise, each  choosing  2 cards to display together, some really interesting juxtapositions occurring.

 2 pieces of mine were chosen by different people ( on right  hand side  above), they look very different in these contexts than when combined with my own work.
These above  were my choice - attracted by shared colours but very different marks

 I missed taking photos of them all as I had to leave on time  but we could have played for hours there were so many possibilities.

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