Friday, 9 March 2018

Drawing Tuesday at Natural History Museum

It's 's been a while since I've been on a 'Drawing Tuesday' visit but this week  at the Natural History Museum I was on a mission to gather material for ' Painting the Novel'  course  with Ashley Hanson   in a couple of weeks time at Creek Creative. The novel I've chosen is ' Remarkable Creatures'  by Tracy Chevalier, a fictionalised account of the friendship between  Mary Anning and Elizabeth Philpott.   

I'm still exploring ideas  about how I might interpret the book  ( it wouldn't be the first time ' fossil cliffs' have inspired me)   but it was an amazing experience to draw the actual specimens  of  ' sea monsters ' that Mary collected 

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Sandy said...

I recently read that book. Brilliant! I picked it up in the Frimley Hospital charity book shop.
When I saw your drawing on Margaret Cooter's blog, I thought of the book, and wondered if you knew of it.
I will be interested to see what develops! Painting the Novel sounds like a fascinating course.