Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Drawing Tuesday at British Museum: a colourful day.

Drawing Tuesday this week was at the British Museum, based round rooms 41 etc.  I took a right turn at Sutton Hoo ( which was swarming with excited small fry with clipboards) and headed away from the darkened rooms to the brightly lit room 48 

 I'm sure my American friends are very familiar with these ceramics but  they were new to me , I loved their asymmetrical  shapes and  interesting colours.
 I started out trying to capture the  curves in pencil - lots of rubbings out and corrections  and then overlaid it with biro outlines  before moving onto a more considered drawing using watercolour pencils ( didn't quite summon up the courage to use my waterbrush!

We had sufficient members to take in guests  and have lunch in the members room , 10 of us taking over the large table upstairs . We're not used to having so much space!  When it came to sharing our sketchbooks,  the days drawing  filled the last pages of  my 'Museum sketchbook'  which appropriately enough started with the British Museum drawing class in 2016 . I must go through and tally up the places visited . 
 One of the many discussions  was about the current exhibition ' Charmed Lives'  about Ghika, Craxton and Fermor  in Greece so I had a look round on my way out.
This painting by Ghika  of Mystras made me feel particularly nostalgic - we were there last year  on our week in Gythion . I was feeling a bit sad as we should be in Greece now on a tour of ancient sites but reluctantly cancelled  as I've been having some health problems  and am on a restrictive diet. Hopefully we can go another time when things have settled down. 

Margaret C. mentioned there was a Pojagi exhibtion on in Museum Street ( we both did a class with Chunghie Lee) , just round the corner from the BM  so I called in on the Han Collection. Some lovely colourful works and I couldn't resist the catalogue and a little bag ( machined rather than hand stitched) 

My final stop before heading home was a visit to the wonderful MacCulloch and Wallis in Poland Street in Soho. I'd run out of bondaweb  and  not only was I able to buy it  from a roll rather than folded but it was carefully rolled round a solid cardboard tube and  wrapped in brown paper. I'll be visiting again when I have more time. 

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Pheasant Run Studio said...

I was born in Minnesota & spent the first 33 years of my life there, so, yes, I know about Red Wing Pottery. Over the years it has closed a couple of times, but it's up & running now. The pieces that you drew are classics.