Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Journal Quilts and Studio Update

March (back) 

We've been spending the last few days decanting the contents of our bedroom  as the decorator starts next Monday.  We've ordered new carpet, bed and wardrobe: today we dismantled the bed - the frame is in the garage awaiting collection for disposal on Thursday along with junk accumulated over the last couple of years.  The mattress is in my studio,  where I'll be sleeping for the next couple of weeks ( reminds me of my first flat where I slept on a fold out sofa futon) . 
While I'll be spending more time in my work room  I'm not sure I'll get much stitching done, especially  as I had to pack away my sewing machines and sew-ezi tables. With that in mind, I  have a hand sewing project on the go and I finished off my journal quilts up to April, combining offcuts  saved from trimmings of quilts. It has made no impression on my basket of scraps... 

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