Saturday, 28 July 2018

Delicious Indigo Favourites

  Some of my favourites from recent indigo dyeing session.
 Above: sections  of  old quilts  remaining  from  being used in 'Eroding Margins' and 'Birchington Breakwaters' : pole wrapped and scrunched in net bag.

Eroding Margins 

Birchington Breakwaters ( detail) 

 A fairly ' new' acquisition which disintegrated  on washing : before ( above) and after ( below) dyeing. I love those  dark red original colours   revealed once the faded top layer is gone.  

  Below, another section  left longer in the vat - a step too far?

  French linen T towels:  'donut'  above, pole wrapped below ( I've got lots of variations of these!)

 Underwhelming ecodyeing improved with indigo!  ( 'donut' above, scrunched in net below)

Nasty bright yellow fabric tamed  with indigo ( before and after pole wrapping ) 

 The  'boro'  sections of old quilt I've been 'train stitching' on . Some of the layers of wool have not  dyed so well . Scrummy - these are the bits I'm going to work further into

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