Thursday, 12 July 2018

Exhibitions: Picasso at Tate Modern and CityLit Advanced Printmaking

 3 Weeks ago, in the morning before my 'Large Scale Sketchbook' course , I combined a visit to Tate Modern for the Picasso 1932  with seeing the exhibition  of  the City Lit Advanced Printmaking course  'Pressing Time'  at RK Burt Gallery in Southwark.  Walking in between these venues, apart from popping into CAA and  coveting earrings   by Joanna Veevers,   I went via the Jerwood Space , admiring the wonderful dynamic murals ( above).  

 My favourites from the Picasso  were those in room 8: charcoal drawings on canvas  with rubbings, erasures and over drawings.
It was intriguing to see how the same images/sketches  had been developed in different ways: in the beach scenes ( above) and particularly in the series of drawings inspired by Grunewald's 'Isenheim Altarpiece' :  use of different media; fine drawings v looser raw ink sketches; the progression from shaded sculptural forms to simplified line. I'd go back just to look more closely at these. 

 An interesting array of  artists books  in the window at RK Burt enticed you in - you can just about make out the monoprint of a kayak   by Patricia Gaudron suspended from the ceiling. I'd seen one laid out in the corridor at City Lit  so was intrigued to see how she's fitted one in a box! 

I was keen to see the exhibition the following week from the year-long 'EDAM' course  as I was considering applying  for  it but unfortunately the show  finished on the Thursday.  Nevertheless , with sharp  intake of breathe I submitted my application ,was accepted and have now enrolled !  I realise I can't do much else  next year  but  it seemed like the logical next step from the doing shorter courses. A bit daunted  but excited. 

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