Sunday 26 December 2010

Boxing Day Walk

 Today (Boxing day), we wrapped up warmly and made our traditional walk along the canal to the Fox Stop (a CAMRA  pub in Hanwell).
 Still a lot of frozen slippy snow on the tow path but the worse part was crossing this steep bridge which was like an ice rink and involved holding on with 2 hands and shuffling sideways along the edge. Hope it's not so bad for our New Year excursion!
 Worth it for the interesting views - I loved the difference in the reflections in the ice and water.  We felt we deserved our pints of beer and the warm friendly atmosphere - even met up with someone I hadn't seen in years.
Tho' part of the point of the walk was to work off some of the excesses of the day before - this piece of ham  was ginormous but we've been making some  inroads into it. Ian has never cooked such a large hunk of meat before.

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Margaret Cooter said...

Those humpy bridges can be insurmountable when icy. In Amsterdam we watched cars trying, and trying, and trying to get up what looked like a gentle slope. Sometimes other people got out of their cars and helped push!