Sunday 12 December 2010

Productive Procrastination

 I sat down at the computer to write our annual Xmas letter but then  decided I really should put the binding on Novembers Journal Quilt while there was still reasonable light to take a photo. I'm hand stitching the other piece I made from leftover scraps but this one I machine stitched to within  an inch of its  life: using decorative stitches and metallic threads then over-stitched in close lines to unite the different elements.
 Then having signed up for the Sketchbook Project knowing I'd have to change the paper in the Moleskine Cahier  as it was so flimsy, with deadline looming decided if I was going to use different papers, might as well go all out for colourful Khadi . Just have to draw/paint in it now but at least with thicker papers there are less pages!!
I've been writing Xmas letters for 14 years - they are eagerly anticipated and it was what got me into blogging, wanting to share what I was up to, particularly on the textile front. In a way it's easier now as I can cut and paste from old blog posts but perhaps because of that repetition it's not such a pleasure.
Interesting post by Kathy about different spectrums of working  - what wasn't explicitly  covered was the  attitude to deadlines and role of procrastination. I definitely need impending deadlines to get the creative juices going, always have done and  recognise myself in 'student syndrome'. One of the reasons I don't (on the whole ) make lists is that I know for me  it's a form of procrastination, I don't need lessons in the art.
However a new discovery today  is that with 2 projects/ deadlines partially met it makes it easier to progress with a 3rd so back to the letter I go!

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Margaret Cooter said...

This is in complete contrast to the "do the hardest thing first" approach - yet both forms of "doing" are ways of realising that if one or two things can be done&dusted, so can the multitudes of tasks that yet await...