Saturday 18 December 2010

Sudden Snow

Only just made it to the Farmers Market in time to collect our Xmas goodies order (ham, venison, etc) -the guys from Food Fore Thought were packing up! Blame the sudden snow that started at 10 and didn't let up, we had to get off the bus halfway there and walk the rest. After completing our shopping , refueling at Costas, look what was waiting for us at the end of our road - this huge snowman!! So distracted Ian nearly got knocked down by a reversing van.
 As our road is blocked off at the end, there's a great community feel to it ( had a street party for Children in Need that raised over £600) and loads of people were already out clearing the road, sledging and building a series of smaller snowmen along the pavement.
Just time to put the mulled wine on before Sue and Peter ventured round.

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Susan Briscoe said...

Your Christmas food sounds delicious... just started on the pate here!

Merry Christmas!