Friday 31 December 2010

Quilt Review 2010

 I've grouped my Journal Quilts for the year by theme rather than month. I did start off with a painted sample for my honesty quilt but  decided not to include it but  to have something that united all the pieces: indigo and/or a blue and black Japanese fabric which I also used as binding.
Only one JQ (February snow in Llangollen) uses acrylics:with exception of  'Rich as Honesty'  this year has featured a return to improvisational piecing and wonderful fabrics

But what an exception! 'Rich as Honesty' was unfinished business, making the quilt that I wanted 'Lunaria '  to be. I think it's my best yet and was recognized as such by receiving 'Highly Commended' award at Festival of Quilts.
Making 'Tunisian Door' for 'Under African Skies' exhibition at the Quilt Museum was the trigger to reconnecting with African and indigo  fabrics  and exploring their use in new ways.

Of all  my quilts this year this JQ from March 'Indigo seas' is my favourite - it's simplicity , showcasing some wonderful fabrics in a painterly way expresses the most the direction I want to take.
I'm currently setting up a website for my artwork - another new direction for the new year.

Thanks for all your comments, I wish  you all a wonderful 2011. 


Susan Briscoe said...

Happy New Year!

Enjoyed the journal quilts pics very much.

Julie said...

I agree, your March quilt works really well. Congratulations on a busy and productive year. good luck with the new website.

Happy New Year!

Sue said...

Happy New Year. I always enjoy seeing your work. As colour is such an important strength of your work, and you have such a clear focus on it, I am not sorry to see less paint and more fabric!! I look forward to seeing your journey through 2011.

Aussie Jo said...

What a gorgeous body of work, congratulations

Shiborigirl said...

i share your favorite as mine as well. new year wishes from shiborigirl!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I hope 2011 turns out to be equally productive for you. I'm looking foward to the new website too. All the best, Annabel :))

Texture Trail said...

I have been following your blog for a while. the Honesty quilt is absolutely beautiful, and so well executed. However my favourite is Tunisian Door for the marvellous colour combinations. I look forward to seeing what you produce next.
I am a textiles student, just completed C&G cert in Embroidery and Stitched Textiles. You can find me at

Unknown said...

Don't they look stunning. I've got the four that did the touring from last year on my wall. You've inspired me to look for connections - once again. Thanks Mags. Luv Axx