Tuesday 7 December 2010

Monday Night in Town

Over the Christmas period we normally fit in a concert ( Haydn's Creation last year) but with clashing dates or no seats available this hasn't proved feasible. So our seasonal outing this year was to hear one of Ian's work colleagues  play at 'Proud' in Camden. Not quite our thing but love to hear music live and  it's good to support people when they're starting out , even if we were the oldest there by about 20 years! The venue is amazing, set in the old horse hospital ( we were seated in a stable! how appropriate for Xmas) and wandering through the market  with its closed up stalls all the bronze sculptures of horses were surreal. After  a few videos of the floor I've finally managed to work out how to use my phone camera  taking photos of the remnants of poster  and passing tube trains while waiting for train to Ealing Broadway.

Thanks for all the sympathetic comments about the loss of my ring - unfortunately still not been found. On a more cheerful note - just noticed this is my 300th post!!

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fabriquefantastique said...

Still time for the ring to turn up. Love the sense of time and place I get with your blog (probably said this before)