Friday 10 December 2010

More Syrian Scarves

 I also bought a scarf in Aleppo in the Souk  the first time I went to Syria in 2000, this time a heavy silk brocade with gold threads. It's over a metre square and caused a stir when I wore it for New Year, the group divided between the frankly covetous and those who said "you paid HOW MUCH for  a scarf?"

 I thought my $100 was very well spent - I love the wrapped fringing and tassels too and it's as good if not better than the examples illustrated in the 'Art and Crafts of Syria'
 I didn't manage to find such a good one on my second visit - this purple and silver thread scarf was practically thown in with my other purchases as it was worn to shreds in the centre and had lost its fringes.  I rather like that someone has worn it to bits and makes me feel better about at some point refashioning it.
They both probably originate from Homs ( although the Lions might be a workshop signature from Aleppo)  produced exclusively as traditional headcovers for surrounding villages and nomads, the area being known for its sericulture. On my first trip I saw one example of silver and black being worn by a proud old woman with a tattoo in one of the nomad villages we visited.

Feeling rather sorry for myself with a bad cold, thanks to  Ian who insisted on  kisses even tho' he was 'diseased'

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fabriquefantastique said...

Mmmm. I'm learning from your Syrian scarves....will try to order book from library