Sunday, 1 August 2010

August Journal Quilt

With some diligent stitching over the last few days I've caught up with my Journal Quilts!
The offering for August is one of several different size samples made to test out fabrics/techniques for my 'Tunisian Door'. Although I didn't have enough time in the end to sew metal beads on as 'studs' on the large quilt, I still wanted to try it out so did so on this sample. I think I made the right decision , although the beading looks good it takes an awful lot of them and perhaps takes away a bit from the fabrics which are the true stars.

I also sewed together the 3 Journal Quilts from 2010 that are going on display at Creative Stitches Show in Exeter, 23rd –26th September . From Left to Right: March Indigo Sea; February Llangollen Snow; July 9 Part Indigo Wave.
Unlike previous years, I did have a sort of theme this year in that every piece has indigo fabric and some of a Japanese blue/black fabric (even if it's only on the facing). It does add a sense of unity and hasn't been too much of a restriction so far.


Julie said...

Wow! These three Journal Quilts look amazing together!

sandra wyman said...

I agree with Julie!

See you at FOQ?

JP said...

these are great - are you going to Festival of Quilts?